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Dive into captivating stories, share insights, and connect with fellow bookworms in Sri Lanka. Explore new genres, discuss diverse voices, and celebrate the magic of Sarasavi Bookshop.

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Unleash your inner bibliophile at the Sarasavi Book Club, Sri Lanka’s forum-based haven for book lovers! This interactive platform fosters rich discussions, lets you connect with fellow readers, and allows exploration of diverse genres. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the magic of books and Sarasavi Bookshop!

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Sharpen your literary skills and earn rewards at the Sarasavi Book Club! Our interactive forum platform lets you discuss your favorite reads, connect with fellow bookworms in Sri Lanka, and explore new genres. Plus, with our unique reward system, the more you contribute, the higher your level climbs! These levels unlock exclusive gift vouchers redeemable at Sarasavi Bookshop, making your reading journey even more rewarding.

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Go beyond the pages and delve deeper into your favorite reads at the Sarasavi Book Club! Our dedicated author Q&A forums allow you to connect directly with your favorite Sri Lankan authors. Each author has their own forum, fostering a unique space to ask questions, gain insights, and spark engaging discussions.

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Spark lively discussions and engage with specific members at the Sarasavi Book Club! Our forum allows you to easily reference other users by typing “@” followed by their username. This “tagging” feature brings your conversations to life by directly notifying mentioned users and creating a more interactive forum experience.

Speak Your Mind: Voice Recording Integration Coming Soon!

The Sarasavi Book Club is always evolving to enhance your reading journey! While voice posting isn’t currently available, we’re actively exploring its integration for a future update. This exciting feature will allow you to record your thoughts and insights, adding a unique dimension to our forum discussions. Stay tuned for updates!